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New Arrivals - Kids - Princess Stories

Zoe loves to bake cupcakes, and when she discovers how to add magic to the mix she not only makes her princess tea parties more fun, she also teaches a lesson to her greedy brother Ralph and his friends. Includes recipe for pink cupcakes & frosting.

Prince William's family has invited twenty-six princesses from around the world so he can choose one to be his bride, each is from a different country, has her own unique traits, and has brought a special gift for the prince.

Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana and the other Disney princesses prepare for Easter by spring cleaning, hiding Easter eggs, decorating, and baking cookies.

In the magical world of Palace Pets! each Disney Princess has a furry pet to love and care for: Cinderella's puppy, Sleeping Beauty's kitty, Rapunzel's pony, and Snow White's bunny.

Ariel, Merida, Sleeping Beauty, and all the Disney princesses embark on royal journeys in this reader.

In the magical world of Palace Pets, each Disney princess has a furry pet to love and care for, including Cinderella with her puppy, Sleeping Beauty with her kitty, Rapunzel with her pony, and Snow White with her bunny.

Follows the epic adventures of fearless optimist Anna, who teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer to rescue her sister, Elsa, from a kingdom of eternal winter.

Both Sofia and Amber are hoping to win the best costume prize at the annual Halloween ball, but when Amber's costume gets ruined, Sofia must decide if she is willing to help.