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New Arrivals - Kids - Princess Stories

"After a terrible fire destroys her home and kills her twelve sister-princesses, Desmia must rise above those who intend to manipulate her and seize power for themselves--and find out the truth"-- Provided by publisher.

"In a whimsical adventure for early readers, Pistachio Shoelace becomes convinced she is a long-lost princess forced to live with adoptive parents and an unbearable baby sister."--Publisher.

Olaf has news for Elsa! He has heard of a summer queen from a summer land with summer magic?someone with similar powers as Elsa?s, who can control fire and heat. He says her land is trapped in an eternal summer. Olaf thinks it sounds great, but Elsa and Anna think she might be in trouble. Either way, a journey is in order!

Lily must find a way to make the water lilies on Lake Magic blossom so that her friend Freya can join her at the elf party.

When a very special guest visits the castle, Belle's puppy Teacup tries to put on a perfect performance.

Unlike her classmates, who include the daughters of Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, Duchess Swan does not have a Happily Ever After waiting for her, but maybe her class in General Villainy, taught by Mr. Badwolf, can change her destiny.