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Provides a guide for parents that recommends an alternative approach that encourages respect for the self and others, in a reference that explains how to foster such values in children as thankfulness and unselfishness

One Mother's Day, a little boy is found hanging from a tree in his parents' yard. Twelve years later his sister is determined to find the killer.

Features recipes along with detailed guides on species and breeds, selecting a duck in the market, plucking and hanging a wild bird.

Academic advisor Dr. Lars Helland is found dead in his office chair at the University of Copenhagen. In his bloody lap is the thesis of one of his postgraduate students, written on the topic of the saurian origin of birds. The autopsy suggests the professor was killed in a very ingenious way, so Police Superintendent Soren Marhauge is brought in to investigate. Everyone is a suspect, and as the investigation progresses, the detective is presented with the greatest professional and personal challenge of his career.

Offers medical advice on the mechanics of running, the sensual, mental, emotional, and spiritual joys of running, and methods of training for any sport.

Reacher confronts a possible suicide bomber on a nearly deserted Manhattan subway car, a confrontation that will lead him back to the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980s and forward to the war on terrorism. It turns out that Susan Mark's life was critical to dozens of others in Washington, California, and Afghanistan, from a former Delta Force operator now running for the U.S. Senate to a beautiful young woman with a story to tell. Can Reacher sort through their lies in time to save himself and help a woman police officer?

Presents the author's experiences during the two years he traveled the migrant trail from Central America to the United States.

The basic ingredients of wool, lightweight woven fabric and a variety of fibres and yarns can be combined in a myriad of ways to create beautiful one-off pieces of felted fabric. This useful and inspirational book is a collection of felt 'recipes' to help you make all sorts of felt fabrics, from light and airy Nuno felt, suitable for delicate projects such as wedding veils, to heavier, more durable fabrics that you can use to make handbags and other hardwearing items. It explains how to use layered fabric and felt, create interesting shaped edges and incorporate beads and other embellishments to enhance your work. Each 'recipe' contains full step-by-step instructions to enable you to create a stunning, unique piece of fabric. Suggestions are given for possible uses for each fabric, from evening wear to accessories to items for the home. Illustrated with stunning examples of felt fabrics and items that have been made with them, this book is a handy sourcebook to help you create a huge range of different felted fabrics for your textile art projects. Includes instructions for enlarging a pattern.

A motivational guide to the strategic application of therapeutic exercise for medicinal benefits that provides an A-to-Z list of maladies and specific exercise prescriptions for each, outlining customizable workouts and a complementary doctor-approved eating plan for weight loss.

A collection of poems exploring landscape, wilderness, and the human spirit.

Presents the basic text of the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, intended for addicts seeking recovery, explaining what the Narcotics Anonymous program is and how it works, explaining the twelve traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, and including the stories of selected members.

Susan Oakey-Baker describes her struggle to confront the realities of life after the death of her husband, renowned mountain guide Jim Haberl, the first Canadian to summit the most difficult mountain in the world: K2. After Jims death, Susan spent time retracing the adventures they took together, in a desperate and obsessive attempt to gather and hold on to as many memories of him as she could.

Shares recipes for comfort foods that can be readily prepared with a slow cooker, equipping busy home cooks with strategies for preparing such convenient options as sweet and savory brisket, ham tetrazzini, and no-fuss potato soup.

Waldron uses long-buried files and exclusive information not available to congressional investigators to explain how godfathers Santo Trafficante and Carlos Marcello committed--and got away with--the crime of the 20th century.

Presents major news stories ignored or underreported by the mainstream media in 2012-2013, covering such topics as global warming, hunger in America, GMO's, whistle blowers, human rights, hate groups, fracking, nuclear weapons, and income inequality.

Collects over thirty of the best entries in the Akashic noir series, including stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, and T. Jefferson Parker.

Biographies of 27 musicians, whose radical experimentation with sound and verse helped to shape the music of today.

"When Monique Demery set out to find the infamous Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, the former First Lady of South Vietnam had been in exile for over forty years, and had lived in near seclusion for the last thirty of them. Entire books have been written about the consequences of that November coup: sorting out America's role and what effect it had on the coming war, but for the most part, historians were flummoxed by the Dragon Lady. Her hourglass figure filled and splash of color enlightened what were otherwise murky beginnings to a dismal war. And she gave Americans something to rally around, even if it was only to cheer against her. But little was heard from the woman herself. The last New York Times reporter who tried to get access to Madame Nhu in 1987 was turned away at the door and told she charged for interviews--one thousand dollars a pop. But somehow, through a mixture of patience, cunning, and a bit of luck, Demery managed to strike up a years-long relationship with the Dragon Lady and ultimately was entrusted with her diary and autobiography. This book is the story of that improbable connection and a deeper look at the woman who was feared and despised by so much of the world"-- Provided by publisher.

When you drop your Diet Coke can or yesterday?s newspaper in the recycling bin, where does it go? Probably halfway around the world, to people and places that clean up what you don?t want and turn it into something you can?t wait to buy. In Junkyard Planet, Adam Minter?veteran journalist and son of an American junkyard owner?travels deeply into a vast, often hidden, multibillion-dollar industry that?s transforming our economy and environment. Minter takes us from back-alley Chinese computer recycling operations to high-tech facilities capable of processing a jumbo jet?s worth of recyclable trash every day. Along the way, we meet an unforgettable cast of characters who've figured out how to build fortunes from what we throw away: Leonard Fritz, a young boy "grubbing" in Detroit's city dumps in the 1930s; Johnson Zeng, a former plastics engineer roaming America in search of scrap; and Homer Lai, an unassuming barber turned scrap titan in Qingyuan, China. Junkyard Planet reveals how ?going green? usually means making money?and why that?s often the most sustainable choice, even when the recycling methods aren?t pretty.

"With clear instructions illustrated by more than 900 step-by-step photographs, the five projects included here are designed to teach all of the techniques and skills you need to reupholster any piece of furniture to suit your own taste and style."

The only American to have climbed all fourteen of the world's eight-thousand-meter peaks sets his sights on Mount Everest, in a work that combines his own climbs as well as narratives of famous climbs throughout the last century.